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Buying Your Apartment

Buying Your Apartment With Quest

Key Benefits

Since 1988, thousands of investors have enjoyed the safety and security of an investment apartment with Quest. With a Quest property you will benefit from strong returns through a lower risk, lower effort asset, with:

  • Long term lease with commercial performance
  • Fixed annual rental increases
  • Predictable outgoings
  • No vacancies risk
  • Attractive taxation benefits
  • Security of a trusted brand

All without the usual frustrations that are typically associated with owning a residential property investment, such as repair and maintenance obligations, real estate agent and property management fees.


We'll look after it so you don’t have to.
An investment apartment with Quest is low maintenance and low stress, designed so that the returns will always outweigh the effort. And our people are the best in the business - protecting and maintaining your asset, keeping it in top condition. After all, our business depends on it. So you can be sure you’ll be spared the frustrations that other landlords bare, with typical residential properties.

The only surprise is how hassle-free it is.
Under the Quest lease the tenant is responsible for most outgoings which would typically be paid by landlords, such as:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Common area operational costs

All without the burden of management fees, vacancy risk or advertising and letting costs. So you can rest assured with a fixed rental, your income return will be stable. 

Over the longer term, any requirements for capital improvements are managed by Quest and communicated in advance, allowing you to plan ahead for these obligations.



Better the tenant you know…
Relationships matter, especially when it comes to investing. As a Quest properties investor you can expect to have an enduring and positive relationship with people who listen, respect and put your success at the heart of their endeavours. We’re determined that you won’t just enjoy the rewards, you’ll also enjoy the experience. It is Quest’s commitment to its relationships with and alignment of its stakeholders that has underpinned its success since 1988.

Each Quest location is managed by an experienced Franchise Operator, and is supported by Quest’s proven business systems. When you invest with us, you join a family of investors who collectively own over 5,000 apartments across Australasia.


An asset you can see and touch.
A Quest Apartment is an investment in bricks and mortar – an asset you can touch and see. It’s a deliberately back to basics approach, founded on intrinsic value and solid fundamentals. A Quest provides the benefits of a typical residential property with the additional security of a long term relationship with Quest, a trusted Australian brand.

Put away the crystal ball.
With a Quest Investments you don't need so called 'perfect timing' to succeed. Any time is a perfect time - all you need is the financial knowhow to take the first step. With other residential property investments you need to jump in and out of the market at just the right moment to maximise your returns. But with Quest, your long-term performance is assured, so you can stop trying to stay a step ahead of the market.

All without the usual frustration that are typically associated with owning a residential property investment, such as repair and maintenance obligations, real estate agent and property management fees.