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Selling Your Apartment

Selling Your Apartment With Quest


Can I arrange for my valuer and/or real estate agent to view my apartment?

Yes if you give our Quest Franchise 24 hours notice, and being sensitive to guest occupation your apartment should be available for viewing.

Upon resale is there anything I have to do in relation to the lease/tenancy?

Yes you must advise Quest so it can ensure that the lease assignment is properly administered to the new ownership.

Does it cost me to list my property on this website and/or are there any fees payable to Quest?

No listing on this website is complimentary, there are no fees payable to Quest, only if you engage an agent and or consultant to assist you with the sale then standard agency fees are payable.

What can I do to ensure my property is presented at its optimum for inspection?

Suggest you visit your property, conduct an inspection, that between yourself and the Franchise Director agree what if any maintenance should be completed to enhance the appearance and marketability of the property.

 What happens on rent reviews?

Quest Leases have a standard 5 years "market rent" review clause to assess a fair Market Rental. In most cases Quest will conduct the rent review using our approved registered valuer Telfer Young and communicate the outcome to you the Landlord.

What to do with your apartment when the lease finishes?

 In most case Quest looks to renew a lease, however in some cases the relationship with Quest comes to an end for different reasons. From here you will be free to dispose of the apartment as you wish. To become an owner occupier you must be certain the resource consents and body corporate rules allow for a change of use from serviced apartment to residential apartment and certain of any applicable GST. We would suggest you take qualified advice.