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Your Relationship With Quest

Your Relationship With Quest

Market Position

Our growth has been underpinned by real demand since 1988

The growth of Quest has been achieved organically based on real customer demand from business travellers identified in our locations since 1988. In fact for over 12 years, Quest in Australasia has grown consistently at an average of 8 new business openings per year irrespective of cycles in the economy or property markets, confirming the strength and longevity of the Quest brand.



After 12 years of steady growth and success, Quest is the recognised leader in the New Zealand serviced apartment industry.

Serviced Apartments are the primary growth segment of the accommodation sector overall, with market share growing from 17% to over 25% since 2000. As a whole, the accommodation sector has operated in an environment where traveller demand has outstripped supply consistently for over a decade (particularly in the business traveller segment).

Quest's proven business model delivers occupancy rates that are consistently well above industry averages, across all locations. Its results like these that have made the Quest brand a standout choice for both business owners and property investors alike.


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