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Your Relationship With Quest

Your Relationship With Quest

Key Benefits


Life is about balance. So are our investments.

An apartment investment with Quest is centered on balanced performance. It’s simple really investments are made for the future, so that’s what an investment apartment with Quest stays focused on.

With life already throwing us so many ups and downs, it’s nice that there’s something we can count on to stay on a straight path that’s constantly improving. That’s why Quest properties are designed to be linked with income growth. This dynamic works to give you a growth path that’s more consistent, more predictable, less volatile and less speculative - a straight line rising at a constant rate.


An asset you can see and touch.

At Quest, we’ve deliberately gone back to basics. We believe that investments should be more than just numbers; they should be something you can touch and see. After all, there’s nothing safer than bricks and mortar and Quest apartments are generally strata titled, which means you are purchasing a stable, physical asset.

But unlike the residential market, you don’t need ‘perfect timing’ to succeed. With steady, constant growth, you don’t need a crystal ball. All you need are some financial smarts to take the first step. You see, with Quest your long-term performance is assured, so you can relax and stop trying to stay a step ahead of the market.


Enjoy all of the returns, without any of the effort. 

At Quest, the success of our business depends on the quality of our properties. That’s why each Quest location is managed by an experienced operator. We’ve established the best people and business systems to maintain our investors’ properties to the highest of standards. With low maintenance, less stress and, you’ll be spared the frustrations that residential landlords endure.

In fact under a Quest lease, much of the responsibility associated with property ownership is removed. The tenant is responsible for usual landlord outgoings like:


• Repairs and maintenance


• Common area operational costs


Plus, there’s no need to worry about management fees, vacancies or advertising and letting costs. Quest pays you the rent as outlined in the lease so you can be rest assured that your investment will return without un-expected deductions.


In the longer term, if there are any requirements for capital improvements, they’ll be managed by Quest and communicated in advance, so you can plan ahead. 



Benefit from tax advantages.

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) allows the owners of income producing assets (such as property) to claim prescribed expenditure as a tax deduction against the income generated by the asset. Broadly, this expenditure includes: 

• Outgoings such as council rates, water rates, land tax
• Declining value of depreciating assets such as carpets, white goods, heating and air-conditioning systems, etc that meet the definition of a chattel 
• Borrowing and interest expenses relating to the rental property and not personal interest.

Of course, the tax implications of investing in any asset will vary depending on the asset acquired, and your own circumstances. We therefore recommend you seek independent advice before making property investment decision.



"Location Location Location" The 3 rules for property investment and for Quest.

Quest is the largest and fastest growing serviced apartment operator in Australasia, with over 150 properties. Our business is focused around the needs of the extended stay corporate traveler who comprise approximately 80% of our client base. We leverage our strong relationships with corporate customers and development partners to identify locations where there is corporate demand for our product.

What makes a Quest property appealing is being comfortable in the knowledge that Quest takes away some of the headache of trying to find the right location. The Quest site selection process is well defined with a dedicated team who spend their time researching, qualifying and visiting each potential location.

Locations and sites that are ultimately selected by Quest must fit within our strict criteria which are designed around the following:

• Inherent strength in the economic fundamentals

• Significant investment by public and private sector into local infrastructure, industry and commerce

• Growing corporate activity and strategic importance to surrounding areas

• Positive developments in the demographics of a location

• High activity business centers